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NewSpring Services is a HCCM-Outsourcing Investment group company that delivers BPO Services, with solid expertise in Business Process Optimization and Advisory, Back-Office and Front-Office Processes, and Contact Center Operations.


HCCM-Outsourcing Investment SA is a portuguese, 100% Equity Capital financed Group of technology-based companies that deliver Technological Consulting, BPO Services and Contact Center Operations, with a reported €20 M revenue last year and employing over 1.500 professionals.

On November 1, 2017, a new information systems consulting company - HCCM Consulting - was launched as the result of the rebranding of the previous IT Consulting company NewOutsourcing Company, which at the same time has incorporated the HCCM Group company named Green Avenue Consulting, granting HCCM Consulting with a 22+ years market presence.

Today's HCCM's companies and range of Services and Products are:

New Spring Services:
BPO|Contact Centers|Back Office
HCCM Consulting:
IT Prof Services|Enterprise Applications|Rapid Application Development|Advisory

Vision, Beliefs and Values


To be a leader with excellence in business support services and in technology to our clients.

To help our clients overcoming their challenges and achieving their business objetives as a result of the growth of HCCM’s companies, of their current and future competences and of the development of the capacities of the employees, and reinforce HCCM’s internalisation process given Portugal’s favourable ecosystem.
HAPPINESSHappy employees, working with enthusiasm and passion
INNOVATIONContinuously exploring new ideias, processes and solutions, ensuring a service of excellence, with quality and efficiency: always do better
SOLIDITYTo be a partner with integrity, responsible and reliabe, that honours everyday’s commitments: always comply


While in the past the importance of an operation used to be mostly measured by the size of its headcount, today’s operations are measured by their efficiency and with a most particular focus on cost to income: the cost of carrying out each specific process and how it may vary upon activity volume changes. 

NewSpring Services has a team of process analysts integrated in its BPO operations, with the goal of ensuring an ongoing questioning and evolution of the processes throughout their full lifecycle to make them leaner.
All organizations rely on several essential administrative activities which are far from their core business. NewSpring Services focuses its activity and expertise on efficiently performing our clients' back office activities, questioning and evolving processes on a daily basis.
NewSpring Services has experienced and motivated teams which are backed up by methodologies and technology that has been developed and evolved throughout the last 15 years.
Managing contact channels with Clients represent one of the most relevant challenges of all organizations. The multiplicity and diversity of today’s channels raise the complexity in ensuring a single image and information consistency. Regarding both inbound and outbound contacts,

NewSpring Solutions has a solution powered by IP telephony systems, by HCCM’s background and experience in implementing the most evolved CRM’s and by the track record excellence in managing operations. 

Key Indicators

Management Team HCCM

Carlos Duarte Oliveira

CFO HCCM Outsourcing Investments

Jorge Fróis

New Spring Chief Executive Officer

Rui Ferreira da Silva

CEO HCCM Consulting

Armando Alpalhão

COO HCCM Consulting

Alexandra Pires

CFO HCCM Outsourcing Investments

HCCM Clients


NewSpring Services is growing and looking for the right people to grow along.

We are seeking professionals to play different roles in operations dispersed thoughout the country, both at our own offices and at the customer’s sites.

Submit your CV to recrutamento@newspring.pt

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